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XBI Coin announced on April 1 that it will launch a global pre-sales plan in conjunction with five exchanges including a derivative exchange 'BI.Q Option Exchange'. 

XBI Coin is a trade-only coin that covers a wide range of products including cryptocurrency, FX, and commodity. It facilitates convenient transfer between exchanges through multiple exchanges and key currency alliances, and supports a variety of commodity transactions swiftly within each exchange. 

The partner exchange, BI.Q Option, is a forex and cryptocurrency derivatives exchange that focuses on social trades and convenient deposit and withdrawals. It supports user-to-user chats that are intuitive for information exchange a multilingual chat user interface and wall functions for a variety of cryptocurrencies including XBI Coin.

In particular, the BI.Q Options Exchange is a revenue sharing exchange that allocates 70% of the exchange's earnings to XBI Coin holders and burns 20% of the exchange's earnings for the future value of XBI Coin.

An XBI Coin official said, "XBI coin is actually capable of its large dividend and burn plan since the partner exchange has a structure that allows two-way transactions compared to general exchange coins, and XBI coin will be the medium for this. In addition to dividends and burning, we have a number of strategic goals, which are getting positive responses from our investors," he said.

"We are planning to burn a majority of untouched quantities of the pre-sale period and the team's quantity as well."


The XBI coin official also stated their vision, "We will bring the value of XBI Coin to the forefront, and we will strive to make it available to global exchanges as a trade-only coin."

Up to 10% of the pre-sales period XBI Coin will be additionally paid to participants in the pre-sale period.

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